Graphic Coaching

Do you need clarity? Are you in transition? Achieving something great? Being a certified solution-focused coach, my mission is to help you by listening and asking powerful questions to focus on solutions rather than problems and barriers. 

The conversation will be transformed into graphics instantly. It helps you keep focusing on achieving your highest potential, goals, concrete actions for change, and your strength.

Example include:

•C-suite coaching: I understand the dilemmas and challenges that top executives face. I challenge you to gain your leadership style and align self, team, and organization with business objectives.
•Transition coaching: I work with leaders who are new to role, location, and organization, including moving from technical expert to people leader.
•Cross-cultural coaching: I help clients develop cultural intelligence and sensitivity, working in a multicultural environment.


Bayer, JPMorgan, American Express, TMJ, Unilever, Nippon Micro Metal, HSBC, General Motors




Facilitation & Coaching